Feb 19 2013

Looking at my photos from trips and vacations brings such peace filled memories. And, the photos of people, now gone -- like this one of Mom who died at age 97 of cancer only 2 months after this photo was taken. I was visiting her at the assisted living residence and she was going to the Christmas Party -- we danced and sang Christmas Carols and told stories of Christmases past. I knowing it would be her last Christmas -- she unaware of the significance. How I miss her.

Feb 12 2013

Finding peace in images of the sun..

Feb 11 2013

Half a year later.. dead of winter. Flowers remind me of the beauty that is coming

Jul 10 2012

Emotional Days behind me - I look to my photos for renewal and tranquility. An escape from the pressures of work and worry - and find it in West Virginia - the hills are alive with the sound of music. I must return soon to renew my soul.

Jul 07 2012

Summer is hot and steamy here in Northern Kentucky - I find it difficult to enjoy being out of doors. I sit at the computer looking out the window at the amazing foliage and wait for the occasional deer or maybe even fox to wander through the scene. Only a 10 minute drive from downtown Cincinnati, our hidden spot among the uniform, uninteresting condos around us is my sanctuary. My zone of tranquility. I browse through photos revisiting my travels, and arousing memories and experiences.

Photo: looking at and not seeing Denali Mountain